CNMA In-District Midwifery Advocacy

Many hands make light work! Help us reach out to your local legislators about AB 2682.

About In-District Advocacy to Support AB 2682


How do you make a difference in the lives of women and families in your community? How can you better serve your community with the removal of physician supervision? Use your voice to deliver your story to YOUR legislator as a nurse-midwifery advocate.  You can meet with them in YOUR community, and let them know who their "friendly constituents" are and what is important to you. Furthermore, you will be giving voice to nurse-midwifery issues all over the state of California, within the communities where we work to serve women and families.

This year, we are advocating to pass AB 2682, authored by Assembly member Autumn Burke.


CNMA has set up talking points for AB 2682, and why it’s important for maternity care in California.






How To Participate


Participating in In-District Advocacy is easy! And it is not a one-time event – the most effective advocacy requires that we BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with our legislators and let them know about women's health issues in their own backyard! At the very least, you should "friend" your legislator on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to keep track of their interests and locations of "town hall" meetings.

Schedule an In-District meeting with your local legislator! There is nothing more effective than face-to-face time. Go into their offices and let them know who you are and that you are working in THEIR communities to better maternity care. Interested in participating? Read the CNMA Grassroots Guide or contact your local chapter chair. You will be contacted by a local coordinator/Health Policy Committee member in your area regarding advocacy efforts, and you will receive guidance on who to contact and how to get started with helpful materials.


Your responsibilities may vary, depending on your level of interest, how many people in your region are interested in participating and how wide your region. You may be a team of "one", or you might be interested in leading a small group to schedule a meeting with your legislator. It's up to you and the CNMA Health Policy Committee can help to coordinate your efforts, whatever your needs.

If you are interested in being a nurse-midwifery legislative advocate, we can help you with:


  • Recruiting other participants for in-district advocacy in your region/area

  • Coordinating a practice session (if needed). This could be as informal as getting together and role playing before your legislative meeting, or individually viewing tutorial videos. These materials will be provided for you by CNMA.

  • Coordinating roles for your in-district advocacy group, scheduling your in-district meeting, or recruiting participants to schedule meetings and organize their groups.

  • Encouraging participants to make additional advocacy efforts, such as calling legislators or writing a letter (prompts are on the CNMA In-District Advocacy web page).

  • Distributing materials to participants (e.g., talking points, info about your legislators)

  • Staying in touch with other local advocates regarding logistics, scheduling, etc. of in-district visits

  • Staying in contact with CNMA regarding your event plans, scheduled in-district meetings, etc.


The most important aspect is simply that you should be excited about promoting your profession of nurse-midwifery and improving maternal-child health for women and their families in our beautiful state.

We need YOUR help to advocate for CNMs in California! Please participate however you can and make our voices heard all across California! For more information please contact Hannah at or Kim at