AB 2682 passed out of the Assembly on May 30th. This is great news but we still have a lot of work to do in the Senate, including ongoing negotiations to amend the bill language.



We are now focused on the Senate Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee (B&P). Likely our bill will be heard in this committee on June 25th This means all letters of support must be received by June 18! 

Action Items

1. All CNMs should send a letter ASAP to the Chair of the Senate B&P Committee, Senator Jerry Hill.  See CNM sample letter on this page.  Feel free to shorten/edit this letter as needed.

It is best to email letters!

Address your letter to:

Senator Jerry Hill

Chair, Senate Business Professions and Economic Development Committee

State Capitol Room 2053

Sacramento CA, 95814

EMAIL your letter to:

Sarah.huchel@sen.ca.gov and cc to


Or fax your letter to

Attn: Sarah Huchel at (916) 266-9343

and cc letter to 

Attn: Zachary Leary at (916) 319-2162

You can also send by regular mail to the address above but time is of the essence!  Letters need to be received by June 18th!

2. If you are a constituent of a member of the B&P Committee, please fax or send letters of support directly to them as well.  Find member of B&P here. Find legislators here.